About the Program

  Tutoring Services in Johns Creek

Working in consultation with parents, we design a complete curriculum and use materials that are especially chosen for each student’s unique learning needs. When a student joins the program, they are not placed into a “class” but rather evaluated on their strengths and weaknesses and then assigned curriculum based on those assessments. No two student’s programs are identical. Some children begin learning the process of efficiency and study skills, some students have study skills but lack efficiency, and some students are lagging behind in many skills. We work with all types of learners: dyslexic, Aspergers, under-performing but very smart students, students who under-perform on tests, and many more.

For a more intensive specialized learning experience, your child can participate in our learning programs from 3 to 5 days a week. This offers your student the opportunity to get more one-on-one training as needed, as well as learn to work more cooperatively in group sessions. The multiple day a week program is ideal for students with special needs, unique communication challenges, trouble working well in groups or who have parents that work full time and need a stable learning environment during standard school hours.

Not only is time efficiency and management important, but quality of work is paramount. Students at Atlanta Learning Academy learn the importance of quality work. We work to improve the small details of their writing, math computations, reading, and critical thinking to make huge strides in overall performance. Under our watchful eye, their independence is fostered along with evaluations of work quality. We coach our students in writing assignments, math worksheets, reading, and STEM to improve the close examination of instructions and the importance of clear knowledge before and during task completion.

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