The ALA Individualized Learning Program


The ALA Independent & Individualized Learning Program is a full time program for grades 3-12 located in Roswell, GA. We specialize in helping learners excel! We have brought many types of learners back up to speed and even accelerate their education. We see results as soon as 6 months to 1 year right away! At Atlanta Learning Academy we create a productive and professional learning environment where students can key into their true learning abilities. We guide students in a transformation towards independent learning, study skills cultivation, and effective learning fundamentals. We work with all types of learners: dyslexic, Aspergers, under-performing but very smart students, students who under-perform on tests, and many more.


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Is your child under-performing on efficiency? In their homeschool, private, or public environment do they tend to drift? Lack of ...
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About the Program

  Working in consultation with parents, we design a complete curriculum and use materials that are especially chosen for each ...
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Program Schedule

In our full-time learning program, students are typically with us 5 days a week from 9 AM to 3 PM ...
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STEM is an important part of our everyday lives.          SCIENCE can be found in the world around ...
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